A/C system repair in your area

A/C system repair Service

A little regular repair may go a long way. So, before you arrange an A/C system repair Service visit, here are a few things to keep in mind that will help you increase your comfort and the effectiveness of your air conditioner.

Replace or clean the air filters.

The most crucial repair operation that will increase the performance of your air conditioner is to change or clean the air filters on a regular basis. Once a month, replace one-inch pleated filters. If you’re unclear about which filter to use, your Lennox Dealer may make a recommendation depending on your individual system. All other filter sizes will be checked, cleaned, or replaced during your yearly repair visit by your Lennox Dealer. Keep in mind that filters may require more regular care if your air conditioner is constantly in use, is exposed to dusty environments, or you have pets in the house. Contact your Lennox Dealer to determine the appropriate frequency of filter replacement for your system.

Clean the coils of the air conditioner.

The evaporator and condenser coils of an air conditioner accumulate dirt over time. This dirt restricts airflow while also insulates the coil, diminishing its capacity to absorb heat. If the external environment is dusty or there is greenery around, outdoor condenser coils can become exceedingly unclean. To avoid these issues, your Lennox Dealer will inspect and clean the coils of your air conditioner during your yearly A/C system repair Service visit.

Clear the debris from the unit.

Leaves, dirt, and grass clippings will accumulate on the outside of your air conditioner over time, lowering system capacity and airflow. Trim any bushes or other plants near the air conditioner to avoid obstructing airflow to and from the unit.

Coil fins should be straightened.

Aluminum fins on evaporator and condenser coils bend quickly and can obstruct airflow across the coil. During your yearly repair visit, your Lennox Dealer will inspect these components and, if required, straighten them.


Cleaning or replacing your system’s air filter is one of the simplest air conditioner preventative repair activities you can do yourself. The air filter for your air conditioning system will be found in or near your indoor unit. The filter should be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis, whether it is a basic 1-inch filter, a larger 4-inch media filter, or a more complex electronic air cleaner or purifier. By eliminating airborne particles and contaminants from your house, these air conditioner filters can improve indoor air quality. They can also help maintain your system running at full efficiency by preventing dust, grime, and other particles from building on internal components like as the blower motor.

In general, use these methods to clean or replace your AC system filter:

Turn off the electricity to the system via the thermostat, the breaker box, or the power shutdown switch on/near the indoor unit.

Depending on the indoor unit, the exact placement of the filter may differ. Look around the sides, top, or bottom of the blower cabinet for the filter. Depending on the model, the filter can be positioned horizontally or vertically. Alternatively, the filter may be located inside the blower cabinet in rare situations, particularly on older versions.

After ensuring that the system is unplugged, remove and inspect the filter for excessive dust buildup or debris. Replace the filter with a new one after cleaning it with a vacuum attachment.

Check that the filter is correctly positioned and that the airflow arrows are pointing in the right direction.

Replace the cabinet lid and turn the power back on.

While it is true that regular air conditioner repair will help extend the life of your air conditioning system… and there are a few DIY repair activities that an ordinary homeowner can accomplish… there are times when it is simply preferable to hire a trained HVAC specialist. 

Some indicators that it’s time to make the decision include:

The system is not cooling properly or is not working at all.

For extended periods of time, the system is always functioning.

The system regularly goes on and off.

Copper refrigerant tube or an outside coil that is glazing or freezing

If you are experiencing any of the concerns listed above, a qualified technician may further assess your cooling system during an air conditioner repair visit. If you don’t already have a reliable contractor in mind, use our dealer directory to identify a Carrier HVAC dealer in your region.

Making sure the outside unit is clean is a simple technique to potentially save money and extend the life of an AC system. During normal operation, an outside unit fan draws air through the condenser coil. Airborne dust and dirt particles, as well as debris from neighbouring plants, can become caught in the coil fins, limiting airflow and negatively impacting performance.


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