Become a Multifaceted Technology Consultant Like Ram Chary Everi

Ram Chary EveriRam Chary Everi

With the coming of technology consulting into the mainstream professional arena gradually, individuals are showing an inclination towards it and want to learn more about the profession before taking it up as a full-time career like Ram Chary Everi. It is popularly known as the profession in which the consultant has to advise business owners about the new technological developments in business so that the latter can incorporate the same to give their business a boost. However, there is much more to it than just that. It is a multi-faceted job.

One should know that getting a degree in IT or computer science is the first step toward this profession. Along with that if they happen to lay hands on some job or become an intern then it adds to them being a preferred candidate by any recruiter. Hence, those interested in taking this up as a full-time career should get both. It acts as a confidence booster for the recruiter in knowing that the employee they are taking on board has in-depth knowledge of the subject and will be able to solve any problems related to it.

However, it is also important for job seekers to know what they can expect out of this full-time career as did Ram Chary Everi. Mr. Chary worked in the technology consulting and infrastructure outsourcing division of IBM Global Services for some time and then used that knowledge and expertise to lead the technology department of Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. He is the present Executive Vice President of Global Commercial Services.

A technology consultant’s different roles include the following:

  1. A planner of IT infrastructure – Since one is expected to have an understanding of IT, the IT technicians and engineers stem out of this role of technology consulting. However, that is only possible after they can successfully play the role of an infrastructure planner. This is because the planning needs to be done before the technicians and the engineers can come in. What adaptations or services should be done to elevate the status of the business and realize the objectives easily is advised by this planner. This is why they should be adept in the latest technological developments and how they can be seamlessly included in the current workings of the business.
  2. A software developer – One is expected to know how to develop software to suit the needs of the business. It could simply mean writing down the software or designing it. Even testing an already developed one to adapt it better to the requirements of the client could be the task that a developer of this kind would need to do.
  3. A risk analyst – any technology consultant such as Ram Chary Everi would also need to analyze the risks associated with the plans and strategies that are being made. Understanding the probable changes in the future and the subsequent alterations that need to be made to the business effectively.

A security consultant – the security systems are of utmost importance to any business owner which is why they depend on a technology consultant to give them advice on how to enhance their security systems.


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