Bruce Weber Photographer Talks About Making Short Films on Fashion

Bruce Weber Photographer Talks
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Fashion films are stylized, volatile, and often experimental. They are not the same as fashion advertisements. Fashion advertisements are direct in their messaging and majorly appeal to the multitudes. On the other hand, fashion films tend to point to a smoother sale and address a more specific audience. Bruce Weber Photographer recently directed a short movie about 70 Years in Denim for Roy Roger’s. This brand celebrated its 70th anniversary during the menswear trade show.

Bruce Weber Photographer offers a brief insight into creating films based on fashion

A lot of fashion brands today use movies as a way to connect with the audience and forge relationships. These movies can help position goods in narrative form, or be personal profiles of documentary style. Simple video look books can also create  impact, when directed in the right manner. If one wants their fashion movie to stand out, one needs to follow an experimental path. However, while doing so, they must remember to not isolate the audience. One would not want someone to feel too baffled by their unusual narrative that they do not even take a good look at the outfits. There is a small line, but when made properly, fashion movies can be very successful. Short films are particularly useful in the promotion fashion brands, as they are engaging enough, while also not getting monotonous.

The style and story of the fashion video will depend on its purpose and audience. For instance, the Italian denim company, Roy Roger’s marked their 70th anniversary by unveiling a short movie directed by Bruce Weber Photographer. The collaboration with Weber is part of a larger repositioning and image-enhancing strategy. This strategy was kicked off by Roy Roger’s in the last few years. The broad goal of all fashion movies is ideally the same, to inspire people to buy the product. However, their approach definitely is different from typical commercial advertisements. Good fashion movies ideally highlight the products in a subtle and organic manner.

A number of fashion movies do include a musical track. In certain ways, music does have the power to radically change the manner the public perceives a movie, and ultimately the clothes of a brand. While selecting the appropriate track, one may want to put more emphasis on how the track shall complement the clothes. This will majorly rely on the types of clothes to be sold. For instance, opting for an avant-garde electronic track will be ideal when creating an ultra-stylish modern fashion movie. On the other hand, going for a more popular track will be better when creating a lifestyle video for a sweater brand.

To take a fashion video to the very next level, color must be a fundamental part of the post-production workflow. The colors, particularly diverse color palettes, can be quite helpful in making clothes stand out. Selecting the right camera and lenses for shooting the movie is also vital. To get really close shots of the models and their outfits, a macro lens would be the best choice.


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