Different types of finger pinch door guards available in the market

Different types of finger pinch door guards available in the market

Some unexpected accidents may occur while opening or closing the door. What should you do in this situation? You may always try to unlock them on your own, but it’s preferable to get the expertise of a professional. If the problem is resolved, it will reoccur. Slammed doors on a regular basis can be aggravating. As a result, you should address this issue as soon as it arises.

To totally stop the door from shutting, install a finger or door pinch guard which will prevent the door from closing. It will create a gap between the door and the closing edge thereby preventing it from shutting completely. It can be placed on top or on the side of the door.

These door guards also prevent young babies and adults from getting locked out. They are made of non toxic soft EVA foam which is totally child safe.

Types of Finger Pinch Door Guard

Animal Print Door Guards

My first recommendation is a basic yet effective product. Available in ultra-cute prints and bright colors, these are super easy to install and serve the effective purpose of baby safety and child proofing. They can simply be inserted on the door while in use and when you need to shut the door, simply take them off and hang them on the doorknob or handle or keep it away. Its totally safe and an effective means of baby proofing.

C shaped finger pinch door guard

This one won’t let you close the door while its installed. The Finger Pinch Door Guard will open up roughly an inch and a half between the door and the frame. If the product’s name didn’t give it away, this is one of the items designed to keep your fingers from being pinched.

This is, nonetheless, one of the better affordable choices for avoiding slamming doors, in my view. Each box contains four pinch protectors that may be used on the door’s side or top edge. The C-shaped foam bumper may be hung on the door knob when you wish to close it.

Pinch-Proof Hinge Guard

Unlike prior versions, which could be attached to the door’s edge where the handle is, the Finger Hinge Guard needs be attached to the hinges. This product will not block the door from shutting or opening and will let the door smoothly function as its meant to be. In any case, it will keep the hinged side of the door blocked and protect your children from pressing or inserting their fingers into the hinged slot.

White PVC is used to make this finger guard. It’s difficult to describe how it seems; you’ll have to see it for yourself. ┬áIt gets stuck on the door with the help of adhesion which is strong enough and the material is durable. The best manufacturer for these types of the baby safety products is Babysafehouse. So if you want to make your house safe for little toddlers, visit BabySafeHouse.


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