Doubts Cleared About Rhinoplasty in Cincinnati

Rhinoplasty in Cincinnati

The concept of living with the same facial features until death is not something that people believe in anymore. Cosmetic surgery is highly popular at present with nose jobs or Rhinoplasty in Cincinnati and elsewhere being exceedingly common. Sure, models and other individuals associated with the entertainment and cosmetic industry may be more eager to undergo this type of surgery but rhinoplasty is not unheard of even among the ordinary citizens of the nation.

Surprisingly, a nose job does not only make the patient feel and look great but rhinoplasty may be advised by the medical professional to improve the functionality of the nose and associated passages. Apart from eliminating a host of breathing issues, this type of nose surgery also reduces instances of sleep apnea or sleep disorder. It is scary to recount the horror stories told by many patients in the past but the latest technique used for rhinoplasty and the expertise of a top surgeon can create wonders today.

Best candidates for Rhinoplasty in Cincinnati

Every patient who is not happy with his/her nose can opt for this surgery. However, surgeons advise performing the procedure only on adult patients unless recommended for correction of birth defects and other health issues. You would be able to get a nose job when you cross the age of 20. The surgery can be performed on elderly patients aged about 70 too. However, most health clinics and facilities perform rhinoplasty on patients aged between 20 and 40.

Rhinoplasty Reasons

You would be suggested o have the nose and associated structures surgically corrected when you are anxious for any of the following:

  • Get rid of a protruding hump on the bridge of the nose
  • Remove Extra flesh on the bridge resulting in a bulbous nose
  • Trim the wide nostrils or make the narrow nostrils a bit wider
  • Shorten the unduly long nose to create a petite and cute feature
  • Correct the tip of the nose to ensure uniformity of the face
  • Rectify a misshapen nose caused by an accident or birth defect
  • Correct the deviated septum and ensure easy breathing

How to prepare for rhinoplasty

It is important to understand that eager teenagers are often turned away by the concerned surgeon as the surgery cannot improve the facial features unless the patient is fully developed and mature both physically and mentally.

Each patient must make the final decision independently. The surgeon would discuss the procedure at length and would be pleased to explain the problem areas well in advance.

You would have to have a realistic idea about the results too. Do not expect magic or a Cinderella-like effect. Feel free to ask the surgeon and request before and after images to find out how your nose will be improved in appearance.


It is also important to understand that rhinoplasty is an invasive procedure and you may take a few weeks to recover fully. Expect a bit of bruising and inflammation at the site of surgery.

It is advisable to check with a surgeon well-known for performing Rhinoplasty in Cincinnati and remain informed about the procedure before deciding to go for it.


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