Flood Damage Restoration Process


Damages caused by floods can be minor or so severe that they can damage most of your property. As your property gets hit by floods, you need to get them restored as soon as possible. The flood damage restoration process is pretty cumbersome that will be difficult to handle without professional help. Moreover, floodwater is often contaminated and may fall under the category of “black water,” to handle which you need to take some safety measures

Factors like continuous rainfall, tumultuous thunderstorms, or floods in adjoining water bodies can lead to water accumulation and that may cause severe flood damage. Since these can result suddenly, you may not get time for any precautions but ensure your safety first in such scenarios. The restoration hassle and struggle only add to the peril of the disaster faced, so let that be handled by professionals safely and swiftly

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What Is The Process For Flood Damage Restoration in Perth

Flood damage restoration in Perth can be a complicated process depending on the damages caused. Professional services follow a systematic process to extract water and restore any damages. It includes:

  • Inspection– A professional service like GSB Flood Master will ensure an inspection that is to be conducted to know the amount of damages caused, which can be divided into four levels where Class 1 signifies minor damages while Class 4 represents extensive damages. The process of restoring will vary depending upon the level of damage.
  • Water Extraction– Water accumulated for a long can be pretty damaging to the property and may provide suitable ground for mould growth. Thus, this accumulated water is extracted entirely with the help of industry-level equipment such as submersible pumps and professional vacuum cleaners.
  • Dehumidification– After the water has been extracted, any amount of moisture absorbed by materials or left on the surfaces is dried out with the help of dehumidifiers or air movers that suck out the moisture and help in complete drying.
  • Cleaning– Once the place has been dehumidified, the professionals will conduct a cleaning of the area, usually using both abrasive and immersive techniques for simultaneous dry and wet cleaning.
  • Sanitisation– After the cleaning is done, the place is adequately sanitised for the health and safety of the people living or working there.
  • Deodorising– Moisture in the air for a prolonged time often leaves a foul smell, and thus, deodorisers are used to remove this bad smell.
  • Restoration– After all the damages are fixed, then the place is restored in its pre-damaged state, which may need minor repairs or significant rebuilding work that will depend on the level of damage caused.

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What Will Happen If The Flood Water Is Kept Untreated For Long?

If the floodwater is kept untreated for long, it can pose many health risks and lead to more severe damages that might be difficult to restore later. Water accumulated from floods comes under the category of “black water”, which is quite harmful to your health and can cause diseases like jaundice, dengue, fever, rashes, viral infection, and so on and so forth. Infact just removing the water from your house using a regular vacuum cleaner is not enough as if not treated correctly and if any moisture is left behind, it may lead to mould growth which has its own set of health hazards. Untreated flood water often forms bacteria, fungi, gases, etc., which can negatively impact your health. Thus, you need to restore any damages caused by floods as soon as the source stops so that you minimise the damage and save any health risks.

We at GSB Flood Master ensure restoring your properties efficiently after any damages caused by floods. We understand the woes that you faced and the losses that you suffered due to this unfortunate incident and thus ensure a hassle-free and trouble-free flood damage restoration process for your property  in Perth at a reasonable price. We treat this under emergency service, so you can feel free to contact us whenever you need us.

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