Kanat Sultanbekov- How Can Effective Construction Project Collaboration Mitigate Common Risks and Delays?

Kanat Sultanbekov

Poor collaboration in project management results in financial and time losses. Project managers need to be vigilant when it comes to communication and cooperation for the successful completion of the work within budget and time. In any construction project, the three common risks pertain to safety, management, and finance. Project managers must undertake the onus to plan appropriately in advance so that these risks can be mitigated and the quality of the work is never hindered or compromised.

Kanat Sultanbekov- Boosting collaboration as a project manager 

Kanat Sultanbekov from New York is a highly respected and esteemed construction manager with proven track records in the field. When it comes to construction projects, risks need to be identified during the initial planning phase by a construction manager. No two projects are the same, so the manager needs to visit the site and identify any potential risks or hazards to the site.

External risk factors should be taken into consideration as well 

Besides risks to the management of the project, finance, and safety, there are specific outdoor risks like weather conditions that can wash away new construction work. The construction manager needs to take into consideration the weather reports before planning the tasks for the day.

Team communication and collaboration 

The construction manager works with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, so effective leadership and communication skills become the need of the hour. The stress and pressure of completing the entire project in time are overwhelming for any manager, so this is where a delegation of roles and responsibilities comes in handy. The manager should choose the best workers in the team to manage small tasks so that deadlines for work can be met and there are no financial losses.

Open to communication and feedback

The manager should supervise and plan the tasks for the day, but at the same time, he must be open to communication and feedback. There might be hindrances that crop up, and workers might identify them during the course of their duties. The manager should be an active listener and understand these problems so that proactive solutions can be taken at the right time.

Boosting the morale of the whole team on-site

When the manager is open to listening and communication, workers feel appreciated and valued, leading to an increase in their productivity on-site. Effective communication and collaboration elaborate on the need for repairs and duplicate work on the site. Workers are clear about their roles and responsibilities, and they work towards the common goal of completing the project in time.

According to Kanat Sultanbekov, the project manager needs to ensure the project stays on track and there are no monetary losses due to delays. He is responsible for the safety of the workers as well, so regular training programs should be given to the whole team so that potential risks and hazards are mitigated. Every construction project manager treats a new project differently as the needs and challenges are not the same for all of them. With pro-activeness, skills and experience, a project manager can effectively steer the whole team to the successful completion of any project without delays or financial losses!


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