Ron Phillips New York Talks About Some of the Popular Basketball and Baseball Teams of the Region

Ron Phillips New York Talks

New York City is known to be an incredible example of American camaraderie, ingenuity, enterprise, as well as sports. One can find some of the most dedicated and passionate sports fans on the planet in this city. These fans are extremely loyal to their local sports teams, and try to cheer for them whenever possible. Ron Phillips New York is one such loyal fan. He was born and raised in New York, and loves to watch his home teams win championships.

Ron Phillips New York sheds light on certain prominent baseball and basketball teams of NYC

When talking about sports in New York City, one has to start with baseball. After all, it has been dubbed as America’s favorite pastime. Throughout the decades, baseball has managed to consistently retain its prominence in the sports scene. The New York Yankees additionally are known to be one of the most successful baseball franchises of all time. It has a number of American League pennants and World Series championships under its belt, and has left a mark in baseball history.

New York Yankees moved into Yankee Stadium in the year of 1923, and have emerged as one of the wealthiest franchises in all of the sports. A number of prominent baseball players have played on the diamond for the Yankees, including Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig, Derek Jeter, and Reggie Jackson. Coming to the New York Met, even though they can be considered to be underdogs as they share their city with the Yankees, this doesn’t change the fact that there are several Mets fans are living in the city. Mets were founded in 1962 and hold more than one World Series championships and National League championships.

Basketball has been truly thriving in the New York City; after all, it is the home to two NBA teams and one WNBA team. Basketball additionally is a popular pastime among the residents, and they each have their favorites when it comes to the home teams. Ron Phillips New York, for instance, is a huge fan of the Knicks.

The New York Knicks are definitely the most popular basketball franchise of the city. This original NBA team has an interesting history. They are additionally play at Madison Square Garden, which is one of the most exciting areas in the countries, and is prone to random celebrity appearances.

The Brooklyn Nets are a more modern team. Their logo and being designed by Jay-Z and it is common to find Nets gear in the streets of Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Nets play at Barclays Center, which essentially is a reminiscent of a spaceship with a gray court.

The New York Liberty is the WNBA team of New York City. This franchise was established at the inception of the WNBA in 1996, and has become quite popular among local families. A few of the greatest women basketball players have actually graced the Liberty roster, which includes six-time All-Star Becky Hammon. She went on to making history as the first woman to become a full-time assistant coach in the NBA.


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