Sharon Deflorio – Why Are Interpersonal and Communication Skills Important for Business Development Executives?

Sharon Deflorio

Business development professionals are managers at a senior level that help in the growth and expansion of a business. They are responsible for discovering ways for the company to boost lead conversions into sales for more profits. Every business needs skilled professionals to develop and grow its operations. This is why business development is a lucrative career, as it is rich with several lucrative growth opportunities for a professional.

Sharon Deflorio – Building client relationships is a vital part of the job 

Sharon Deflorio is a successful business development specialist from Norwalk, CT, and has invaluable experience in the generation of inbound leads, the development and the implementation of outbound strategies for the generation of leaders, and proactively giving quality results for the above.

She has a proven track record in exceeding her performance targets and establishing valuable, long-lasting relationships with her clients. She is known for her agility, creative skills, and adaptability to accept changes in the industry successfully!

How can you build long-lasting client relationships? 

Your job will entail meeting business clients and understanding their needs so that you can boost lead generation and sales. According to her, as a business development professional, you should build client relationships daily, which is where communication skills will help you. If you are not fond of talking or interacting with people, you should never opt for this career.

Interpersonal skills 

Every successful business development professional can build credible relationships with their clients solely because they understand what they expect and need. When you meet a client, you should not focus on speaking alone; you should listen to them attentively to understand them better. This simple act of listening to your client essentially helps you to build rapport and trust. Once you appear credible to the client, negotiating with them becomes more accessible as they are willing to listen and have faith in you.

A personal connection to build rapport with the client 

Interpersonal skills with the client do not mean that you focus on selling or lead generation alone, you need to not only attract new clients, but you should retain your relationships with the existing ones as well. Establishing a personal connection helps by remembering their birthdays, wishing them, asking about their family’s well-being, etc. At the same time, you should never get too personal; stick to general information so that your client feels valued and trusts you regarding repeat sales.

According to Sharon Deflorio, interpersonal and communication skills cannot be developed overnight; it takes years of practice to excel. It would help if you had the right mindset to learn from your seniors and observe them in their field of work.

Moreover, as a business development professional, you should be focused on grooming and looking professional every time you meet a client. It would help if you were adaptable and flexible when fixing appointments so that you and your client face no hassles during meetings.


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