The Changing Face of Content Marketing Explored by Michael Saltzstein

Content Marketing Explored by Michael Saltzstein

Though the marketing strategies may have gone through a metamorphosis with more visual communication media being used, there are some old methods that despite being subtle are still effective. With the coming in of influencers who are largely instrumental in the marketing strategies, there may have been a movement towards a more modern method; but the value of content marketing has not yet lost its place in the same category informs Michael Saltzstein.

Mr. Saltzstein has dedicated his career mostly to the field of marketing and has become adept in the subject. He gradually increased his expertise and moved from the position of junior marketing of a local to the Global marketing manager and then to that of a Vice President of marketing.

Trusting in his experience over the years it is easy to believe that content marketing is the effort to change the purchasing decision of a potential customer. Michael Saltzstein thinks it is a strategic move to create and churn out information that is relevant and valuable to the customer and will ultimately culminate in altering his decision of buying a particular thing. It may feel that it is a mere waste of time considering the attraction of people towards the latest memes and quick-fire videos currently. But he emphatically suggests that because of the curiosity of individuals they would still turn to content to get information.

To make content marketing work effectively, people have resorted to merging two or three strategies. For instance, considering to partner with YouTube could help one reach out their information to a global audience. This would be a bonus to the fact they can market their products and services.

The sponsored articles that are seen on news sites are a mix of content marketing and sponsorship marketing. Similarly, influencers are pooled to accelerate marketing strategies. However, content alone can still stand out if it is channelized in the right way opines Michael Saltzstein. The three ways in which content marketing can hold its grounds are consistency, relevance, and value.

There should be a consistency in the content, certainly, there has to be variety in the content but the consistency ought to be in the connection between the various content that is churned out. Next, the audience must be able to identify with the content and that is where the relevance of content becomes important. Tapping into the buyer’s journey with the content is an absolute certain means of converting the purchase decision of the customer.

Finally, the crux of content marketing is that the information being provided should have value. It should be something that can hold the attention of the audience while at the same time providing enough unique information as well as one that is of use to the audience.

When the content is high quality and well crafted, there is nothing that can undermine it or mar its effect on the minds of the potential customers is shifting their preferences for purchasing a particular product or service.


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