Top 5 Benefits of Foam Sanitizer

Top 5 Benefits of Foam Sanitizer

Foam Hand Sanitizer is a microorganism-protecting, waterless foam hand sanitiser. It can be deployed throughout your facility in high-traffic locations. Hand sanitisers are a great way to keep your hands clean. Hand sanitiser in the form of foam.

The non-alcohol-based benzalkonium chloride recipe, which has been used in hospitals and schools since the middle of the twentieth century, is a common type of foam hand sanitiser. The non-alcohol antibacterial solution has the advantage of not being flammable and non-aerosol, making it a safer and more environmentally friendly product. The benzalkonium chloride in foam hand sanitiser can protect hands for up to three hours after just one usage, which is why the more you use it, the more efficient it gets at destroying germs.

Foam Sanitiser has the following advantages:

  • The formula is non-flammable and safe.
  • Prevents alcohol toxicity and consumption.
  • Unlike alcohol-based sanitisers, they will not dry up your skin.
  • In 15 seconds, it kills 99.99 per cent of common bacteria.
  • There’s no need for water; just rub it in and wait for it to dry.

Also, it has an added benefit, especially for restaurants and food service establishments. approved for sanitising hands in both food and non-food locations between hand washes. People also prefer a foamy substance to a liquid or gel, according to studies.


The fact that foam hand sanitiser adheres to hands while being applied is a significant advantage. It does not slide off the hands as easily as gel hand sanitisers do. Sanitiser droplets can create scars on waxed floors, thus this is especially critical in facilities with waxed floors. Furthermore, when more sanitiser remains on your hands, there is more hand sanitiser accessible to destroy germs on your hands.

Hand sanitisers from Hygiene Labs are ideal for quick clean-ups and sanitization on the fly. Our alcohol-free foam composition is kind to your skin while being tough on germs. It destroys 99.99 per cent of germs quickly and has a long-lasting effect on skin and hard surfaces, lasting up to 24 hours on skin and 7 days on hard surfaces.

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